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Image: Front of Alexander Pirie's Funeral Card 1903. Public domain


From a genealogical standpoint, the obituary is often a treasure trove of information, providing important names, dates, and facts about an individual. An obituary not only tells the story of an individual, but collectively, tells the story of our communities.
It is through the obiutary that a lasting record of a person's life is written.

Brief History of the Obituary

The word "obituary" has been used to refer death notices printed in newspapers since the 18th century, though brief death notices date as far back, in America, to the 16th century.
Longer, detailed obituaries came in to use in the 19th century. These were reserved only for prestigious members of society. It wasn't until the early 20th century that "everyday" persons were mentioned in obituary listings.
The 1880's saw an obituary trend refered to as "death journalism", in which the graphic, morbid details of a person's death were the focus of the obituary, rather than the details of the person's life. This trend was short lived and by the early 1900's the obituary became poetic verses that focused on a person's contribution to society.
Sources: ObitsDaily and Funeral Consumers Information Society

     To view an obituary, click on the person's name in the list below. Some of these files may be large and may take longer to open.


      Abbe, Ida Bernice
    Abbe, Oleta L.
    Adams, Pribble Easter
    Alvarez, Kacy
    Anglin, Truman L.
    Armour, Audie Ethel
    Arnold, Ronald Paul
    Auld, Donald Lee

      Banning, Willis F.
    Barton, Estelle
    Basham, James Dondal
    Bedwell, Estelee
    Benham, Clarence
    Bennett, Marion A.
    Bennett, William Houston
    Bilbrey, Bertha
    Bizzell, Charles Oscar
    Black, Ellis
    Blackley, Maurine
    Blackstone, Frances L.
    Blanton, Daisy Viola
    Boaz, Chester
    Bond, Jesse Reed
    Bowman, Dempsey Clarence
    Bracken, Stephen J.
    Brian, Elizabeth
    Brown, Ada Maurine
    Brown, J. Carl
    Brown, James Garland
    Bryant, Mary M.
    Buchanan, Larry
    Burnett, Nancy Jane

      Calloway, Mrs. E. E.
    Campbell, Berry Franklin, Jr.
    Carroll, W. Edward
    Cartwright, Sarah
    Castle, Vesta Mae
    Chaddick, Charles Leon
    Chapman, Curtis Sr.
    Charo, Pilar Montoya Jr.
    Clampitt, Lorenzo Dow Jr.
    Cockerham, Radie B.
    Cook, William
    Cox, Cornelia Anna
    Cox, Henry
    Cox, Roy
    Cox, Solomon Turpin
    Cox, William Henry
    Crockett, Ethel
    Crockett, Nath
    Cunningham, Elmer
    Curtis, Oscar Rose

      Davis, Della Jane
    Davis, Infant Son
    Davis, Wayne Lee
    Deaton, James Alfred
    DeBord, Andrew Jackson
    Doughty, Dona
    Drenen, Clara Mae
    Duke, John
    Dunham, Marie
    Dyson, Jimmy


      Fields, Cyrus
    Fitts, James
    Forehand, Mrs. L. F.
    Foster, Joseph Nance

      Gant, Minnie
    Garrett, Revester
    Garrett, Sherrie
    Griffith, Curtis David

      Hall, John H.
    Hall, Katie F.
    Hamilton, Duard Elder
    Hamilton, Mamie
    Hammond, S. H.
    Hancock, Mac Wesley
    Haralson, K. B.
    Harris, Tommye Bea
    Haynes, Harry Mathew
    Henderson, John
    Hickman, Roy
    Holleyman, Alice
    Horton, James Warford
    Howell, Lester E.



      Jackson, Jimmie
    Jenkins, Almedia
    Jenkins, James J.
    Jones, Martin Luther

      Keith, Autie Mabel
    Kelly, Martha A.
    Kennedy, Lloyd
    Kern, Vivian
    Kitchens, Rufus
    Kirkpatrick, Carrie Belle
    Knox, Donald Alton
    Knox, John Bass
    Kuykendall, Clara Bell
    Kuykendall, Tena

      Lawson, J. H.
    Lemons, Leon Travis
    Lindsey, Truett
    Lopez, Joseph Alfredo
    Lowe, James R.
    Lynskey, Walter Franklin
    Lyons, Geraldine
    Lyons, Norma Ruth

      McCasland, Rupert Herman
    McClure, Annie
    McCulloch, Julia
    McDaniel, Raymond Gene
    McIlroy, Ella V.
    Mann, Mary Atlanta
    Marberry, William Cecil
    Martinez, Alfredo Lopez
    Millar, John Wayne
    Mills, Laura
    Mills, Sara Josephine
    Mitchell, Sallie
    Monroe, Joseph A.
    Morrow, James Peter

      Neal, E. L.
    Nesbitt, Donna Rhea
    New, Dock Frank
    New, George R.
    New, Willie Frank Junior
    New, Lila Rose
    Nicewarner, Herman B.
    Nichols, J. W.
    Nunnally, William C.

      O'Neal, Robert Wesley
    O'Pry, Alvin

      Partlow, Wanda Ann
    Passmore, Mary Alice
    Patterson, L. C.
    Paulk, Jesse James
    Payne, Cortez
    Perry, Charlie A.
    Phillips, J. Tom
    Pledger, Charles C.
    Polvado, Earnest Lyles


      Ramsey, David Alvis
    Ray, Carl D.
    Reed, Roger F. Bill
    Russell, Elisa A.

      Sabala, Augustine
    Sanderson, Howard Wayne
    Seranno, Guadalupe
    Shaw, Charlie G.
    Sherron, Willard R.
    Shifflett, Wylie M.
    Shouws, Mary Ann
    Smith, George W.
    Sowder, Bettie Lou
    Spickard, Mary Aldeline
    St. Clair, James
    Standefer, James Clayton
    Stapp, Norene
    Stegall, William W.
    Stephenson, Dorothy
    Stracener, Dwahana
    Stracener, T. E.
    Sullivan, Thelma
    Swafford, Berta
    Swindle, James Clyde
    Swinney, Truman

      Todd, David C.
    Trull, Ernest
    Tucker, Sherman Thomas


      Vernon, Embrey
    Vernon, Jonas Appleton

      Waller, Ellen
    Walser, Albert Lee
    Waltrip, Edna
    Ward, Everett
    Warden, Lois Ruth
    Wardroup, Richard Henry
    Warlick, L. G.
    Weston, John
    Wilkison, Noel David
    Williamson, Maude
    Winder, Davey Joe
    Wood, Susie Mae
    Wright, Richard Holt



        Zuber, Anna Marie