Sheriff Wilson "Prof" Elvie Angley

Date of birth: May 12, 1895 in Lipan, Hood County, Texas
Date of death: July 07, 1966 in Morton, Cochran County, Texas
Place of burial: Morton Memorial Cemetery, Morton, Cochran County, Texas

Wilson Elvie Angley, known as "Prof" was born May 12, 1895 in Lipan, Hood County, Texas. He, his wife, Mae Ivy, and their daughter moved to Morton in the fall of either 1922 or 1923 from Tulia, Texas. Angley and his wife were to be the new school teachers, he for the high school and she the grade school. Mrs. Angley had a large one room building and he had a smaller one room building nearby. They were the only teachers and taught for a year. At the time the town only had one street located at what is now the west side of the square. The street consisted of one general store and a post office in a frame building. Next door was another frame building that served as the court house. The Angleys moved to Lehman between 1924 and 1925 and were there when the railroad tracks were laid, their daughter rode the first train. During their early days in Lehman, Mae Ivy always had extra plates set for anyone passing through and all the school teachers and the store keeper boarded with them. At one point they had as a guest the famous Texas Ranger, Frank Norfleet. The Angley home in Lehman burned in 1930 and the family moved out to their farm between Lehman and Morton. In 1937 it was discovered his wife had cancer and was treated with radium, a new method at that time. The radium was left on her too long and for the remainder of her life she suffered with radium burns. 1941 the family moved into Morton. In 1942 he was elected Cochran County Sheriff and took office January 01, 1943. He served one term. In addition to his job as Cochran County Sheriff, he also worked in the county agent's office, the county tax assessor-collector, did income tax, and had an abstract office. Angley's wife, Mae Ivy, passed away May 17, 1957 after suffering through twenty pain-filled years as a result of the radium treatment.
Sheriff Wilson "Prof" Angley died on July 07, 1966 at the age of 71.
Sheriff Angley's daughter, Buchley Lane, wrote that her father "knew everyone in Cochran County, where they came from, where they lived and why and when. He also knew every acre of land and what was grown on it. He loved Morton, Cochran County and Texas. He had a pretty rough time keeping financially solvent because of mother's many surgeries, doctor bills and medicines, but he died not owing any man. "

Source: Texas Sesquicentennial Texas' Last Frontier Cochran County 1836-1986 Volume 1. Copyright Cochran County Historical Commission; written by Buchley Lane Folger circa 1985. Adapted by Mary Helen McKnight 2016
Image courtesy Cochran County Historical Commission

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